Small scale CHP Life+
Emå dairy have installed a gasification plant where the wood is converted into heat and electricity. 

A Wet Steam Turbine for electricity production will be open for study visits on Sörbyverket during autumn of 2017. 

Ronneby Miljö & Teknik have installed an ORC unit in the district heating plant in Bräkne-Hoby. 

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For smaller industries, real estate or farming, a biomass gasifier which produces both electricity and heat can be an alternative to replace the oil boiler.

Demonstration plants

Emå Dairy in Hultsfred have installed a gasification plant where the wood is converted into heat and electricity. Read more. 

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Ronneby Miljö & Teknik AB is building a facility for wet steam, a steam turbine for electricity production on the existing district heating plant, Sörbyverket. Read more. 

The WST will open for study visits during autumn of 2017. Of course, it is possible to book a study visit today. 


Ronneby Miljö & Teknik AB have also installed an ORC unit at the district heating plant in Bräkne-Hoby. Read more. 

The ORC is open for visitors. 


Send in your request to Energy Agency of Southeast Sweden by filling out the form below. We will contact you with more information. 


Of consideration:

  • The guided tours around the plants are suited for groups of 15-20 people. Yet bigger groups will have to split into two groups, taking turns in attending the company presentation and looking at the facility.  
  • We also accept smaller groups of 3-10 people. 
  • Single visitors we try to coordinate into smaller groups. We will return to you with a date and time as soon as we have gathered a group. 





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Plants for small-scale Combined Heat and Power production are built in Southeast Sweden for demonstration of techniques. Project runs from July 2014–December 2019. 
Project partners


With support from EU financial instrument Life+, Swedish Energy Agency and Energiföretagen Sverige. 

 LIFE13 ENV/SE/000113 LIFE+ small scale CHP