FEDARENE General Assembly and Energy Smart City Conference

The Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden is proud to announce that the 2019 
General Assembly of the FEDARENE will take place in Växjö, Sweden on May 23rd. 


A number of events are offered in connection with the General Assembly, hoping to give the participants a comprehensive, rewarding and fun visit in Växjö.


In conjuction with Smart City Lighthouse project READY and the Covenant of Mayors, the agency is organising a one day conference entitled Energy Smart City on the 22nd. The conference also includes study visits on the 21st and 23rd of May. The conference will show examples of examples of innovative solutions based on demonstrations on thorough integrated climate planning and measures in the cities of Växjö and Aarhus. 


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PM Hotel, Växjö, Sweden

Västergatan 10, Växjö, Sverige